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Fantastic Full-Service Care at 192nd and Dodge "I wanted to write about my experience with Methodist Women's Hospital and Clinic at 192/Dodge... The whole time I was in the hospital I felt my recovery was put first..."


Finding a Food Balance through the Holidays How can you create a healthy food balance in your family's holiday diet?


Looking for a Physician? Looking for a new doctor? We make it easy to choose from the best!


Brace Yourself for Cold and Flu Season Cold and flu season is finally upon us. So what can you do to stay safe from those nasty bugs?


About our clinic

Our clinic location includes services for women, men and children. On the campus of Methodist Women's Hospital, our convenient west Omaha location features a pediatric office, adult internal medicine, plastic surgery and a full suite of services for women's health from adolescence through the senior years.

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Adolescent Gynecology - (402) 815-1700
Behavioral Health - (402) 815-8690
Family Medicine - (402) 815-1980
Imaging - (402) 354-0441
Internal Medicine - (402) 815-1980
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics - (402) 815-1980
Midwifery - (402) 815-1700
OB/GYN - (402) 815-1700
Pediatrics - (402) 815-1325
Pelvic Pain & Sexual Medicine - (402) 815-1770
Physical Therapy - (402) 815-2061
Plastic Surgery - (402) 815-2300
Skin Renewal Suite - (402) 815-6398
Urogynecology & Continence Center - (402) 815-8942

Clinic hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

717 N. 190th Plaza Omaha NE 68022