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Looking for a Physician? Looking for a new doctor? We make it easy to choose from the best!


5 Reasons Posture Matters (and What You Should Do About It) Poor posture is sending more and more kids to seek the help of physical therapists due to back pain. What can you do about it?


12 Healthy Living Screenings No One Over 50 Should Skip Routine wellness screenings, especially from age 50 and beyond, are an important part of staying healthy.


About our clinic

Our clinic location includes services for women, men and children. Located in west Omaha, just northwest of 156th Street and West Dodge Road, we provide on-site primary care as well as additional specialists in the areas of orthopedics, physiatry and physical therapy. Our location also includes imaging and an outpatient surgery center.

Make An Appointment

Request an online appointment or call
Family Medicine - (402) 354-0610
Imaging - (402) 354-4001, ext. 11
Internal Medicine - (402) 354-0550
Orthopedics & Physiatry - (402) 354-0707
Pediatrics - (402) 354-0620
Physical & Occupational Therapy - (402) 354-0410

Clinic hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

16120 W Dodge Omaha NE 68118