Geriatric & Senior Services

Compassionate care for the unique medical needs of older patients

Many seniors are finding that they have time to enjoy life and take better care of their health. However, growing older can also bring health challenges not faced before. Our geriatric specialists can give the right care for you or someone you love to work through these challenges.

Geriatric patients often defy traditional diagnosis and treatments and without proper medical interventions, can decline quickly. The Geriatric Assessement Center located at Methodist Physicians Clinic Indian Hills is designed to provide the environment, resources and patient care for older adults. Our ultimate goal is to allow you or your loved one to return home and to resume an independent life.

Geriatric Assessment Center

Aging brings changes in physical, mental and emotional health. Some of these changes may be minor and easily manageable. Others may be complex, especially combined with chronic conditions or other health issues. Our specialists are committed to helping you work through these challenges so you can make these years some of the best of your life.

Who may benefit from an evaluation?

The Geriatric Assessment Center located at the Methodist Physicians Clinic Indian Hills location offers assistance to older adults and their families when quality of life has been affected by changing health conditions.

Individuals who will benefit most from our center include those who are experiencing the following situations:

  • Memory loss
  • Multiple medical conditions 
  • Social/psychological issues
  • Falls
  • Incontinence
  • Wandering
  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Decline or lack of independent functioning

We will work with your physician to review medications, illnesses, impairments, home environment and other influences that contribute to an adult's well-being. Then we will put together a plan to address some of the difficulties the individual and family may be experiencing.

Referrals or inquiries are welcome from anyone, including patients, family members, friends or health care professionals.

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